Annie Calvaneso is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and empowerment coach. She wears many hats as a health and fitness coach, business coach, and professional opera singer. She specializes in working with singers, performers, artists, and creatives, empowering them to live a life that is aligned with their authentic selves.

Through her holistic health and wellness programs, she helps women reach their fitness goals while encouraging a well-balanced, abundant life. As an eating disorder warrior, she is deeply compassionate and understanding and supports clients in recovering from body image and food related trauma. Every client she has worked with has completely transformed their relationships to food and their body image, as well as accomplished sustainable health habits.

Annie has worked with a wide variety of clients, including high level professional opera singers from the Metropolitan Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, and more. She’s a well-known fitness professional in the classical music sphere and presents her “Strength for Singers” workshops through universities and artist apprenticeship programs.

Having over 7x-ed her business growth in less than 2 years, Annie has worked with dozens of other women to help them start and grow their businesses as well.

Her webinar “How to Generate Income Teaching Online” helped over 60 people start businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of them making enough to leave unemployment benefits.

In all of Annie’s programs, she focuses on self-limiting beliefs holding the client back, which delivers long term results instead of quick fixes. She focuses on empowering the client to tap into their intuition and do what is best for them instead of relying on her for answers. This is the key to her client success.

She is passionate about working with women and empowering them to trust themselves instead of societal expectations. Her mission in life is to positively impact those she comes in contact with, holding a mirror to them so they can see the brilliance they already possess.