My signature 16 week program for operatic artists to make health and fitness an integral, sustainable part of their lives.

Hello! I’m SO excited you’re here. YSB is my absolute favorite program I’ve run. YSB will help you gain body awareness, strength, and confidence. It is designed to teach you everything you need to know about health and fitness so you never have to do another fad diet again! As singers, our bodies are our instruments, and our lifestyle choices have a direct impact on how we perform on stage and in life.

YSB includes:

  • an online course with short, digestible video trainings on all topics health and fitness (mindset + strategy)
  • 16 weekly calls with me to go over the topics and check in
  • full workout plans on my app
  • customized nutritional coaching, tailored to what you’re already eating
  • 24/7 support with me via Voxer chat
  • a group of like-minded singers doing the program with you + supporting you!

Goal Setting
How to come up with the perfect plan for you and manifest your dreams into reality
Debunking Myths & Misconceptions
Clearing up the truth when it comes to dieting and exercise
How to properly engage your singing muscles, increase your muscular awareness to relieve tension in the body, and build strength for proper core support
How to ensure proper alignment and correct your posture
Building Stamina
How to boost your energy with my favorite easy methods
Understanding how much food your body actually needs and how to count your macronutrients
Intuitive Eating
The last month of the program teaches you how to phase out of macronutrient and calorie counting and eat according to your body’s hunger signals so you can have results that LAST!


“Annie was a wonderful person to work with! One of the things I really appreciated was that the focus was on getting to the root of my habits and the reasons I viewed diet and exercise the way that I did. There also wasn’t a sense of judgment if I had a bad week or if I missed a goal. We would discuss why it happened and come up with plans to help me in the future. It was a great, human approach that helped me find and stand up for my self worth and apply that to many different aspects of my life! While doing the program, I was in an opera production and during one of the act 1 ensemble numbers, we had to constantly dance around on stage while singing and doing faux yoga for a little over 12 minutes. When we finally ran offstage, I’d notice that many of my cast mates were very out of breath but I noticed that my breathing, while slightly elevated, wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t sing. This has been an incredible change for me as the additional muscle developed and enhanced stamina allowed me to feel comfortable while moving AND singing onstage! I would highly recommend working with Annie!”

-Jayme Vaughn-Linebarger 

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